Reactivate Dormant Leads

Numerous studies have shown that the average surgical patient takes between 18-24 months to research, prepare for, and have surgery. The typical service organization fails to properly manage leads. Because a new sales lead is frequently not committed to a specific service provider, the risk of these sales leads being closed and serviced by a competitor is very high. With the high cost of lead generation, who can afford to let leads become inactive, or the property of a competitor?

Over time, one lead becomes several. Eventually, you have a large list of dormant leads who may or may not be lost for good. Imagine if you were able to harvest even a small percentage of those leads and bring them back for a resulting sale? The impact of making incremental changes to lead nurturing can mean thousands of dollars in revenue gains in your business.

Although the timing for a lead to finally execute their decision may be unique for service businesses in different industries, most sales leads require some nurturing. iSee provides tools and resources to ensure that the sales team is capable of completing appropriate follow-through. In addition to providing many layers of reporting, we incorporate dynamic filtering, list generation, workflow automation, and lead exports. The more refined your sales process becomes, the fewer leads slip through your fingers and the more revenue you generate from your sales leads and the higher your ROI on lead generation.