Obtain Real Time Custom Reports

Summary:  Have you ever asked the question (or been asked the question):  How many consults do we have scheduled tomorrow?  Next week?  This month?  Have you ever wanted more from the answer you were given (or been found wanting).  With iSee, you never have to be in the dark or in the cold again when the question comes your way.  With the richest, most up-to-the-minute reports around, iSee delivers the answer to this critical and valuable question in an instant.

More…  Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are like a bad relationship – they take, but they never give.  Data sharing is a one way street.  You or your team enters volumes of information but either can’t access that information at all, or access it in a meaningful way that translates into Market iQ (our fancy way of saying Business Intelligence).  At iSee, we think you deserve a healthier relationship with your sales lead management system.

iSee not only gives you and your sales team a rich tool for managing sales leads from capture to conversion, but it never keeps the effectiveness of your effort a secret.  No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, if you have access to an internet connection you are no further than a mouse click away from knowing up to the second the key metrics that drive your business.

With iSee you never have to wonder how many leads you’re generating, how effective your call staff is at capturing those leads for a sales opportunity, or how effective your sales team is at closing new business and feeding your hungry bottom line.  Add to that the ability to compare the effectiveness of past and present marketing campaigns, monitor the sales acumen of your individual sales counselors, or reflect on gains or losses in your business and you have a solution you can’t live without.  With the advanced, real-time reporting standard in iSee you finally have the healthy reporting relationship you’ve been waiting for.