Incorporate Industry Specific Lead Tracking

Summary: You can find scores of lead tracking programs or philosophies. From the simplicity of paper to the sophistication of cloud-based systems there are many options to choose from. But wait! Don’t you owe it to yourself to choose the system that has been custom tailored to your specialty of practice or service? We think so. iSee has invested considerable time and resources to ensure that you receive a cloud-based lead tracking system that not only leads you down the path of success in your specific industry, but also gives you the benefits of flexible customizability. Don’t be held hostage by systems that give you almost everything you need to succeed.

More… iSee has been designed to serve the particular needs in the particular ways that the following industries demand:

Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Today’s Cataract & Refractive Surgery practices are facing threats on every side. Diminished reimbursements, increased employee costs, mandated benefits costs, legal hurdles, and regulation all threaten the viability of the modern and progressive practice. Unlock the power of iSee and unlock the advantages of increased elective surgery options in your practice. Despite the challenges facing your practice, the value-added surgical options available to your patients can change the complexion of your practice and provide real value to your patients and your bottom line. iSee’s proven system for sales management and patient communication can be the immediate and effective solution to growing the elective element in your cataract practice.

LASIK, Implantable Lenses, Corneal Surgery

As the second-most common elective procedure performed in the U.S. every year, LASIK is a highly competitive space for consumer marketing. So, how do you gain the advantage over your competitors? Simple. Do the things they are either unwilling to do or lack the foresight to invest in. LASIK leads seldom buy on the first try. And, research suggests that the average surgical price actually favors the mid- to premium-priced surgeons. The real threat to obtaining an increased share of the market is not the price of your competitors. The real threat is not taking the next step and investing in an advanced, industry-specific lead tracking and Market Intelligence system like iSee.

Cosmetic Surgery

In good economies or bad, cosmetic surgery never goes out of style. When it comes to the supply of patients seeking procedures the question is not whether there is enough, but rather, are you getting enough. In an industry that grows in good times and bad it just makes sense to do everything you can to increase your Market iQ and make more of the market share yours. iSee has been designed to track, manage, activate, and motivate your potential and current patients to do more with you than your competitors. iSee’s cosmetic surgery specific programming puts the power to grow your surgical volume and revenue in your hand.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Interest and options abound in today’s vibrant general and cosmetic dentistry market. The elective options that augment the strong revenue opportunities available to the fee-for-service dental specialties today provide strong opportunities for dentists to do more with the patients they already have and the patients they seek to gain. iSee is a simple, yet sophisticated tool available to dentists today who are looking to increase their revenue per visit and add more value to their patients. Activating your staff by incorporating iSee’s proven sales and marketing resources can increase your conversion to your elective offerings, increase your procedure volumes, and increase your share of the market.

Assisted Living

Making the decision to move a parent or spouse into an assisted living community is a difficult and emotional time for families. This is all the more reason to incorporate iSee into your community. iSee has been customized to supply your team with the tools to stay in touch and connected with the lead and those who are involved in making the difficult decision. From lead inception to resident move-in, your sales team can do all the things it takes to make a difficult decision a sure, simple, and loving action.