Improve Sales Team Effectiveness

Summary:  The sales cycle is a multi-faceted, highly personal, and highly customized process.  Each sales lead comes to your business with a specific objective in mind and is looking for you to provide them with a reason to make themselves your customer.  In a highly competitive marketplace with dozens, if not hundreds of alternatives, winning business requires more skill, better communication and follow through, and a personal touch.  Managing and ensuring that this takes place for each of your potential customers is  critical to your success.  Failure to actively manage this cycle for your potential customers will invariably result in the forfeiture of sales volume and revenue growth.

More… iSee helps you activate this process with your sales team by providing the tools and resources necessary to convert more leads to customers.  iSee’s robust sales activity modules enhance your sales team’s ability to connect with leads and help them make you their choice.  iSee puts the power to succeed in sales in your team’s hands by helping them plan and complete:

  • Tasks:  Every sale requires a certain number of tasks to be completed in order to gain and retain a customer.
  • Calls:  Keeping in touch routinely with your potential customer takes many forms and requires vigilance.  Appointment reminders, customer service touches, and follow up calls are all part of showing your potential and current customers you care and that they matter.   Managing this effectively is best accomplished through an advanced lead management system that provides both the tools and the reminders necessary.
  • Emails:  Perhaps the most cost effective and efficient of all marketing methods, iSee’s integrated email functionality allows you to communicate with your potential and current customers at little to no costs while delivering potent results.  Emails sent from iSee look and feel exactly as they would come from your mail host, because we connect the two systems to retain the integrity of your brand.
  • Meetings: In addition to managing the sales leads that seek you out, iSee also provides your sales team a potent tool for acquiring lead referrals from professional sources and business-to-business activities.  Mobilizing a sales team to grow both professional contacts and accounts and direct sales leads has never been easier than with iSee.  Plus, iSee allows you to link leads to marketing campaigns, professional referral sources, or word of mouth referrals – forever creating a link between those whom you serve and those who are responsible for your connection.