Implement Staff & Organization Accountability

Summary:  How secure is your lead tracking system in your business?  Do you ever wonder if you have a staff member that may be fudging the numbers?  Is your present lead tracking method vulnerable to the threat of inaccuracies that result in poor decisions, wasted money and, and strategic misdirection?  In April 2012 an audience poll of Ophthalmic Surgeons, Administrators, and support personnel the significance of this fact was revealed.  More than 70% of attendees were unwilling to confidently stake a significant sum that they were adequately informed, with 90% reporting that their system lacked necessary accuracy & security.

More… iSee sees accountability as an opportunity to reward and improve your top performers and to provide you with the necessary backup you need to make the decision to improve your sales team.  Without a system that disallows circumvention of established protocols you have to be neither worried nor a victim of misinformation or a lack of information.  iSee secures the integrity of your information by creating user specific credentials and identifying each action your staff takes with respect to both date and time.  Each action taken on behalf of a sales lead, referral source, or employee is date, time, and user stamped at the exact moment that action occurs.