Eliminate Wasted Marketing Dollars

Summary:  A tragic marketing tale comes from a LASIK Surgery practice who years ago decided that money was the solution, and the more of it thrown at the figurative marketing wall the better.  The odyssey to make iSee the best lead tracking and Market iQ software on the market began on the day that it was discovered that this practice had just spent $250,000 on marketing without any knowledge of where the money was spent.  Not only that, there no certainty that any leads had actually resulted from the expenditure.   The examples don’t stop there.   Examples of this variety abound.

More… Whether you spend $2,500 per quarter or $2 million, the decision to not track your marketing campaigns and their effectiveness is costing you thousands every day.  Consider this:  A LASIK or Cosmetic surgery practice who actively utilizes media (radio, TV, print, social, website, etc.) that produces 100 new sales leads per month could be costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars each month by not using the significant benefits iSee offers.  A recent practice that made the switch discovered that in the past they were losing contact with up to 64 of those 100 new sales leads each month.  Because they were only capturing 80% (80 people), having 75% show for their scheduled appointment (60 people), and converting 60% of them for surgery (36), their failure to effectively manage their leads was costing them dearly.

That same practice, by incorporating iSee into their practice increased their capture rate to 89%, show rate to 80%, and their conversion rate to 72%.  The shift resulted in an increase to their monthly revenue of more than $100,000, plus the added bonus of 15 new people to their active customer list each month.  In one month alone, they paid for their subscription to iSee more than ten times.