Eliminate Lost Leads

Summary:  Every business has lost sales leads.  The question is:  Do you know how many you’ve lost by not incorporating advanced lead tracking and Market Intelligence software?

Your lead tracking system, or lack thereof, is like a net with holes.  The strength of the net and the size of the holes in your net is determined by the gaps you and your staff have in processes, protocols, phone skills, and, most importantly, a tool to track and mange sales leads.  The self-imposed limits you place on your ability to find, fix, and strengthen your net determines the size of the loss each month to your business.  By not incorporating an advanced, and industry-specific Market Intelligence system like iSee you are exposing yourself to even more losses.

More… Repair the holes in your net by incorporating iSee and its associated philosophy.  At iSee, we are committed to your success.  In fact, we’re so committed to your success that we include all the training you need to not only use iSee to its fullest potential.  Plus, included with our orientation of your team to iSee we provide proven phone training and lead capture skills, database reactivation tools, and sales techniques and training.

For years our approach to lead capture and sales management has produced revolutionary changes in the businesses we have partnered with.  These tips and tools are now at the heart of iSee and live and breathe in its comprehensive resources and tools for completing the sales cycle successfully.  Invariably, the incorporation of iSee into our customers’ businesses have resulted in surgical volume increases, assisted living community occupancy increases, and elective surgical procedure increases.  In all cases, our customers obtain real ROI results that turn an up front cost into an immediate return on their investment.  If you’re asking yourself if you can afford to incorporate iSee now, you should turn the question to whether you can afford not to.  The only way to close the holes in your net is to implement iSee.  Keep what’s yours and get more!