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practice management software isn't enough

Your Practice Management Software Is Failing You

Practice management software is an important tool for your daily operations, but your complete reliance on it probably costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s not that your software isn’t doing its job. It is. The thing is, the jobs that software does aren’t enough for your practice to truly thrive. What would you … Continued

iSee Master Series

iSee Master Series

According to a Friday Focus Survey conducted by the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators, more than 67% of respondents are not currently tracking leads obtained for LASIK surgery. That means that of the 309 respondents, only a little more than 90 are managing their sales leads! For the other 200+, they are wasting time and … Continued

generating better leads

Increase Conversions by Generating Better Leads

By generating better leads, you’ll convert at a much higher rate while actually spending less on marketing and advertising. It’s one thing to understand that higher quality leads are more cost effective, though, and it’s another thing to make the shift. There’s a common misconception that highly qualified leads are expensive. The truth is that the … Continued

How Much Money Have You Wasted Without Lead Tracking?

How Much Money Have You Wasted Without Lead Tracking?

Imagine that you’re standing on soft, green grass with the sun shining warmly on your shoulders. Today, you’re planning to do some archery. You have a bow in one hand and a fistful of arrows in the other, and in every direction, lovely rolling hills obscure your view of the landscape. You don’t know exactly … Continued

Improve Patient Outreach

Improve Patient Outreach with These Marketing Tips

Building a Solid Marketing Plan If you’re a medical provider, chances are, you weren’t born to market products and services to the masses. That said, in order to create a successful business, you have to think like a marketer sometimes. That can be tough when you’d prefer to focus on your patients’ health and care … Continued

Mobile Devices are Streamlining the Patient Experience

How Mobile Devices are Streamlining the Patient Experience

Interacting With Patients on Mobile Devices. In today’s world, a mobile device can hardly be called a “phone.” That’s because, with the enormous capabilities of these pocket-sized computers, users have powers they’ve never experienced before – regardless of where they happen to be or what their daily demands. Today more than ever, people are using … Continued

Ways Technology Will Change Medical Practices in the Future

5 Ways Technology Will Change Medical Practices in the Future

Technology and Medical Practices Medicine has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, but if you run a medical office, you might wonder just how that technology will affect the future of your business. With electronic medical records (EMRs) now status quo in many medical practices and hospitals, digitalization has already started to transform … Continued

Images Boost Search Engine Rankings

Images Boost Search Engine Rankings

If you put up a lot of textual content on your Web pages and blog posts but don’t include some type of images, infographics or videos, search engines won’t rank your page and site as highly as it could. Images are important for helping to create a unique user experience, which is exactly what the … Continued

Costs Per Lead Are Very Important

Costs Per Lead Are Very Important

While the bottom line always is important in business and essentially determines the likelihood of turning a profit, that profit can be improved by reducing costs per lead. Some marketing tools, such as tradeshows, are designed to greatly reduce costs per lead by increasing the pace by which the sales cycle is completed. Instead of spending … Continued