Social Media Can Boost SEO Results

With more people using mobile devices and getting their news and other information from social media channels, marketers do well to embrace social media properly. Most marketers understand social media can help greatly with branding. But many ignore the benefits of social media for marketing purposes and fail to develop an effective social media marketing strategy. Simply sending out status updates and updating social media sites isn’t enough to get the greatest benefit from social media. Instead, some legwork is needed to identify the best social media channels and develop the right message to encourage the right audience to respond to a call to action, such as visiting a site.

Go Where the Opinion Leaders Are

When there are particularly active and influential members of a social media channel who generally communicates well with the type of consumers a business or other entity seeks to engage, then going to the same social media sites and channels they use will help to reach a wider and more relevant audience. Because they interact with the consumers a business seeks to engage, learning where other heavy users go by visiting their profile pages and seeing which social media posts they share can help to identify new avenues for marketing success through social media.

Messages Need Multiple Reinforcements

To obtain the right reach and ensure a message sticks with an intended audience, consumers must be exposed to roughly the same message at least three times. Radio broadcasters have a mantra: “Tell them what you are going to say; say it, and then say it again.” That doesn’t mean repeating the same words over in over. What it means is that people generally are distracted, whether it is listening to a radio while driving or navigating the Internet. To get their attention and ensure they receive the message, it takes at least three versions of the same message to sink in and often times more. So repetitious use of similar marketing messages through better-identified channels can help to improve social media marketing success.

Do you have a plan for social media marketing beyond making regular posts?

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