How Mobile Devices are Streamlining the Patient Experience

Interacting With Patients on Mobile Devices.

In today’s world, a mobile device can hardly be called a “phone.” That’s because, with the enormous capabilities of these pocket-sized computers, users have powers they’ve never experienced before – regardless of where they happen to be or what their daily demands.

Today more than ever, people are using their mobile devices to check email, converse with friends or family, conduct business, shop online, catch up on the news and other relevant information, schedule their days, track their fitness and yes, even watch funny cat videos. And with consumers depending on their mobile devices for, well, virtually everything, it’s no wonder these electronics are changing the way doctors and other healthcare providers interact with their patients and run their practices.

Mobile Devices are Streamlining the Patient Experience

If you’ve been “denying” the tech revolution in the medical industry, you – and your practice – can’t afford to anymore. Here’s how mobile devices are changing the patient experience – and your practice.

Doctors are using them.

If you’re not using a mobile device in some way in your practice, you’re in the vast minority. Believe it or not, eight out of ten doctors use mobile devices in their practices – most of them on a daily basis. What’s the draw? Well, it has nothing to do with staying hip or looking trendy, and everything to do with the time-savings and flexibility the devices provide.

Medical practices are quickly seeing the ways in which mobile devices actually enhance the patient experience, helping doctors and other healthcare providers bring them better information in a more efficient way.

It doesn’t discount the doctor-patient relationship.

You continue to see patients because they trust you – and that sentiment won’t go anywhere when you start using mobile devices in your practice. While you might be hesitant or worry that your face-to-face interaction with your patients will suffer, don’t be: mobile devices actually give you just one more way to communicate, reach out or touch base with your patients – in and out of the office.

Mobile devices also allow you to have all the patient information you need in-hand, so you won’t have to waste your patients’ time to gather unnecessary information.

Scheduling is easier.

You could be the most advanced specialist in your field, but if scheduling and wait times are a nightmare at your practice, you’re likely not bringing in the number of patients you could. Mobile devices can make scheduling patients substantially easier, with applications and capabilities that allow patients to schedule appointments themselves conveniently and without calling the office.

Mobile devices can also offer automatic reminders so you’re not using up your staff’s time calling a long list of patients to confirm appointments. And since you’re taking the human error factor out of the equation, chances are there won’t be as many scheduling hiccups as before.

You’ll have more time with patients.

Adopting technology in your medical practice isn’t about churning out greater numbers of patients. It’s about optimizing the time you spend with each patient to ensure you’re really hearing their needs and responding to their concerns.

More time with patients

Your mobile device can enhance your patient care not simply by providing you the information you need conveniently and easily, it can also help you explain issues to your patient using patient-friendly technology, and allows you to keep eye contact with your patients rather than turning to use a cumbersome computer or other pieces of office equipment.

It grows with your practice.

The true beauty of mobile devices is in their flexibility. With so many applications and programs available for mobile, there’s no end to the possibilities of how your practice might use the technology to streamline your practice and enhance the patient experience.

Got cell phone in your office? How are you using it?

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