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According to a Friday Focus Survey conducted by the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators, more than 67% of respondents are not currently tracking leads obtained for LASIK surgery. That means that of the 309 respondents, only a little more than 90 are managing their sales leads! For the other 200+, they are wasting time and money on marketing and sales activities whose results they know nothing about. Sadly, this is a trend we have actively observed for over 10 years.

In that time, we have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spent frivolously and sales leads wasted every year. Reversing that trend for your practice is simple. It all starts with tracking leads and managing customer relationships actively every day. For those who understand the value of lead tracking the right way, we are announcing the iSee Masters Series.

Manage Customer Relationships

Tracking Sales

Beginning in October 2012, iSee users can expand their mastery of the most advanced refractive surgery, cosmetic surgery, and assisted living lead tracking and sales management software available. Topics will include how to get more leads from inquiry to final sales conversion, managing media, and advertising campaigns, analyzing and implementing the most effective ad campaigns, managing sales activity, using advanced reporting features, and much more.

Registration is simple. Click the “Training” link in your iSee site or visit the “Webinars” page on our site. Don’t miss your opportunity to stop all the sales and marketing guesswork in your practice and start knowing how to grow your business.

Originally posted 2012-10-22 22:03:47.

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