Images Boost Search Engine Rankings

Images Boost Search Engine RankingsIf you put up a lot of textual content on your Web pages and blog posts but don’t include some type of images, infographics or videos, search engines won’t rank your page and site as highly as it could. Images are important for helping to create a unique user experience, which is exactly what the big search engines like Google and Yahoo! want to see when it comes to assessing the quality and relevance of Web pages and the blog posts they contain. The old adage that a picture tells 1,000 words never rang more true than on Web pages and blog posts.

Studies Shoe More Marketers Using Images

Nearly three-fourths of almost 3,000 online marketers recently queried said they will increase their use of images to improve their social media and online marketing results. That means you need to do the same to keep abreast of the latest trends and improve your own marketing outcomes. Without images, infographics, videos and other enhancements, you will lose online market share and, ultimately, business market share to competitors who make full use of various types of images and provide a unique user experience for site visitors.

Images and Simple Messages Bolster User Experiences

When someone visits your Web page, Google and other sites will measure how long visitors stay on average. If they leave quickly and spend only a few seconds on a Web page, the search engines will punish those pages and sites with lower rankings on search engine results. The longer they stay, the more relevant the search engines consider the content to be. A unique user experience can help to improve those site visitations by enticing visitors to stay longer and take in more information.

What kind of images do you like to put on your Web pages?

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