Don’t Understimate Online Marketing Data

Online marketers have a big advantage over competitors due to their greater ability to track and measure their outcomes. When visitors come, they leave an electronic trail that can prove highly beneficial to marketers. Whether looking to see where the traffic originated or which times of day or night they show up the most, reams of online data can make it possible to better assess the effectiveness of websites and online marketing plans and make adjustments to improve final outcomes.

Lots of Great Data Available

When dealing with online data, the potential marketing measurements are nearly endless. Marketers can track consumers by location, time, page visits, length of page visits,
third-party site referrals and countless others. If it turns out a particular geographic location drives lots of visits at 3 a.m., it can help to take advantage of that traffic by tailoring marketing plans for their interests. Nearly anything can be used as a tool of measurement and possibly lead to greater insights and improved profitability. The ability to use those insights will mean the difference between having a marketing plan that provides tangible results versus having a marketing plan that leaves the marketing and his or her business in the dark and wondering what to do next.

Following Through on Insights is Critical

It is one thing to learn more about the people who visit your website or respond to social media and other digital marketing plans. It is another thing entirely to be able to do something with it that will improve your business’ bottom line. If a particular market segment is taking a special interest in a product, then future marketing efforts need to reflect it by trying to cultivate and grow that market share. If its women between ages 35 and 45 showing a special interest in a product, then future marketing should target the vehicles capable of reaching them.

How much information do you compile from your online sources?

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