Don’t Overdue Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a fickle thing that can be productive in some areas and a large waste of time and money in others. Response rates from direct marketing are very low, often less than 2 percent. And that’s just the response rate. Of responses that follow through with actual leads or respond to the call to action, the success rate is very low among total responses. That makes it critically important to best identify the target population for a direct marketing campaign and trying to get the best response rate that will result in positive outcomes for the business or other entity.

Targeting Recipients is Important

All direct marketing campaigns ultimately have a call to action that is desired of the recipient. That call to action might simply be to visit a website and read a specific article in order to boost the rankings of the webpage on search engines. Or it could be to convince them to sign up for a free blog article distribution or to buy a product. Whatever it might be, finding the right group of consumers to target with the right message and marketing appeal is what makes the difference between success and failure when it comes to direct marketing.

Tracking Incoming Traffic is Critical

Knowing from where incoming traffic is located greatly can help measure the results of online direct marketing campaigns and help to assess the success or failure of them. If consumers from particular demographic backgrounds, geographic locations, males or females, specific ages or specific interests, for example, can be identified, then marketers can adjust their marketing efforts to better capture a growing share of the consumer segments they seek to reach. Improved marketing success equals improved profitability, and those who know how to make it happen will have the greatest success.

Have your direct marketing efforts prove successful, or is it too hard to tell?

Originally posted 2014-07-19 21:17:54.

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