Don’t Forgot to Make Online Polls Random

A good way to engage consumers and boost search engine rankings is to produce and publish online polls. Simple polls that are compelling and can keep consumers involved can prove to be highly valuable marketing tools. But to they need to be valid to be of any real use. When marketers can come up with online polls that are relevant and valid, the results can be invaluable to a business or other organization. But that requires properly creating a poll and selecting the population sample.

Garbage In – Garbage Out

Validity in polling requires randomization and variation of a proper sample size without which all results are garbage. To create a valid population sample, everyone belonging to the target population must have an equal chance of participation. That means if the target sample is women between ages 25 and 45 who visit the site, then the polling must be done in such a way that every woman in that population has a chance to participate. It’s not realistic to expect every woman in that age group who visits a site to participate or even be asked to participate. But when able to randomly select women to participate and vary the distribution method until obtaining a suitable number of responses to attain statistical significance, then valid polling results can be possible.

Variation Improves Quality, Effectiveness

Varying the way polls are distributed to ensure a full cross section of the subject population has a chance to participate helps to greatly improve polling results. If, for example, a lot of women age 25 to 30 are over-represented for some reason, such as a television program just ending that is particularly popular among that demographic that sends more women that age to their computers, then the results are skewed and invalid. Marketers can get around such problems by limiting the number of responses accepted from specific age groups until getting an equal number of valid responses from all of them. They also can randomly distribute polls so that not all are subjected to them. Do you ever use online polling by find the results useless?

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