The Best Marketing Plans Have Measurable Outcomes

Most people understand the fundamental purpose of marketing and how to go about reaching targeted publics to improve business profits or whatever desired outcome is needed. But the best-laid marketing plans fall apart when there is no tangible way to track results and make adjustments as needed. That is why it’s critically important to consider how to measure the results of any marketing plan and adjust various parts to make a more effective and profitable plan as a whole.

More than Profits Can Be Tracked

Profit is an easy measurement for people to understand, but many fail to track more subtle types of information that can be useful for adapting marketing efforts and improve profitability or whatever the desired outcome might be. When dealing with online traffic, for example, knowing the sources of traffic and whether or not they are relevant to the type of business being done can make it easier to adjust future marketing efforts to reduce the fat and focus on the leaner, more profitable online traffic that is most relevant to your business. It also can help to identify the times of day traffic arrives from specific sources and adjust marketing efforts accordingly. Regardless what is being tracked, there likely is a way to measure it, and that can help to determine the effectiveness or lack thereof of marketing efforts.

Outcomes Must Be Measurable to Ensure Success

No matter what your plan might be and which variable you want to track, there is no way to measure the success or failure if you can’t measure the outcome. Whether that measurement is something simple, like increasing the number of clicks on a specific Web page or boosting the amount of sales to males between ages 35 and 45, having a measurable outcome greatly increases the usefulness of the marketing plan. Isolating the variable being measured is a big part of making an outcome usefully measurable. If you cannot eliminate alternative explanations, it will become nearly impossible to accurately measure the effectiveness or lack thereof of any marketing plan.

Do you ever struggle to demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing plans?

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