Authenticity Makes a Big Difference

When it comes to establishing an online presence and helping to ensure consumers, as well as search engines, know a site is genuine, it helps to personalize it with even simple content.

Anything that helps the owners of genuine businesses and other entities get across to search engines and site visitors that they are a truly real and unique online destination. Personalization and customization help a great deal in convincing search engines of the value and uniqueness of the content as well as site, which greatly improves search engine results for SEO purposes. That can translate into better performance and improved profitability due to reduced online marketing costs.

Personalized Content is Unique and Fun

Posting quick and simple content that conveys the uniqueness of a business of other entity that is online helps to convince consumers they are dealing with a site that isn’t promoting Spam or some other type of affiliate marketing. Simple photographs of unique events, office personnel, quick videos from office parties and other events all help to establish a fun and unique presence online. When people and, more importantly, search engines find such content, the sites that have them generally are rewarded for their efforts. Google, Bing and other search engines emphasize unique user experiences when visiting particular sites, and personalizing content is an easy way to provide that experience visitors can’t get anywhere else.

Don’t Overdo the Keywords

Some online marketers make the mistake of stuffing keywords into content, and that can have negative consequences. Keywords are important, but overdoing it on online content, search engines can give negative scores and lower search result rankings. About half of the content posted on sites should have keywords included. The rest of the content should be unique and provide information that is relevant and that can help to convey what makes the site special and how visitors benefit from being there.

Do you ever personalize your business website?

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