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Don't Overpay on Cost Per Lead

Don’t Overpay on Cost Per Lead

Few marketing measurements are more telling than the cost per lead and leads per conversion. Those two essentially encompass all that marketing seeks to achieve when it comes to commerce. That’s why trade shows are such popular marketing tools for companies large and small: because they accelerate the sales cycle and have the lowest cost … Continued

Don’t Forgot to Make Online Polls Random

A good way to engage consumers and boost search engine rankings is to produce and publish online polls. Simple polls that are compelling and can keep consumers involved can prove to be highly valuable marketing tools. But to they need to be valid to be of any real use. When marketers can come up with online … Continued

Don’t Overdue Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a fickle thing that can be productive in some areas and a large waste of time and money in others. Response rates from direct marketing are very low, often less than 2 percent. And that’s just the response rate. Of responses that follow through with actual leads or respond to the call … Continued

Don’t Miss Your Measurable Outcomes

When it comes to assessing marketing success, it is critically important to have measurable outcomes to better determine success or failure and identify areas that need improvements. Many marketers make a mistake of just looking at the bottom line when coming up with marketing plans and just focus on whether or not the company makes … Continued

Don’t Understimate Online Marketing Data

Online marketers have a big advantage over competitors due to their greater ability to track and measure their outcomes. When visitors come, they leave an electronic trail that can prove highly beneficial to marketers. Whether looking to see where the traffic originated or which times of day or night they show up the most, reams … Continued

Don’t Overstuff the Keywords

A lot of online marketers think they need to put as many keywords as possible in their online content to get more people to come to their sites. Unfortunately, that approach many times can have bad effects on search engine performance. Search engines very much disapprove of keyword stuffing and will penalize sites that have … Continued

Authenticity Makes a Big Difference

When it comes to establishing an online presence and helping to ensure consumers, as well as search engines, know a site is genuine, it helps to personalize it with even simple content. Anything that helps the owners of genuine businesses and other entities get across to search engines and site visitors that they are a … Continued

Social Media Can Boost SEO Results

With more people using mobile devices and getting their news and other information from social media channels, marketers do well to embrace social media properly. Most marketers understand social media can help greatly with branding. But many ignore the benefits of social media for marketing purposes and fail to develop an effective social media marketing … Continued

Generating Positive Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Long before the Internet existed and content became “viral,” word-of-mouth advertising firmly established itself as one of the most effective types of marketing available. But generating and controlling the message via word-of-mouth advertising is nearly impossible. That lack of control is the very reason word-of-mouth is so effective. Consumers know they are not being fed … Continued