Activate Word of Mouth Leads

Summary:  You have heard the term Lead Tracking a hundred times.  Lead tracking can take many forms (spreadsheets, paper lists, antiquated database programs, etc.).  We think you deserve more from a lead management system – which is why we created iSee.  Just tracking leads is never enough.  So, we designed iSee to pick up where other systems leave off and take you to a whole new dimension in sales lead management.  iSee increases Market iQ, mobilizes customer loyalty and word of mouth lead generation, and activates your sales team.

More… Repeat customers are the key to any healthy sales or service business.  Often, doing the job right for you means satisfying a customer into oblivion – literally.  For LASIK, Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, and Assisted living a job well done may mean a customer relationship that results in never seeing that customer again.  Nowhere does this ring more true than for businesses like yours whose satisfied customers may not be motivated, or need, to return to you for more service.

iSee understands your dilemma.  We also have your solution!

Success in your business often means no repeat customers.  Your customers aren’t returning because they are ultimately satisfied and don’t have a need.  We consider this a great opportunity.  What better source of good will and positive word of mouth than this could there be?

iSee, with it’s integrated email and documents functionality empowers your sales and marketing staff with a powerful and efficient means of mobilizing your satisfied customers as your business’ ambassadors.  With a warm memory in mind, and a kind reminder to share, your satisfied customers can transform themselves into lead generating marketeers every day.  You can turn what your competitors only see as a problem into the most cost-effective, highest return on investment marketing campaign in your business.

It’s as simple as collecting an email, turning on the service charm, and reminding your customers to talk to their friends about the value of their experience with you.