Lead Creation

iSee defines a lead as any contact to a business that originates from an individual to a sales organization.  Leads take the form of people who make the initial contact although they may or may not provide all of the desired identifying information.  Whether or not all demographic and identifying information is obtained, all leads should be entered into the customer database and given a unique identification in iSee in order to provide the most accurate marketing intelligence.

Leads may be created through four primary directions.  First, a lead may be created anytime the “Create Lead” shortcut is listed in the left hand shortcuts menu.  Second, a lead may be created anytime the “Leads tab is active on the desktop.  Third and fourth, a lead may be attached to a specific contact or account by selecting the contact or account that is the source for the lead, opening their file, scrolling down to the “Leads” section of the account detail screen and selecting “Create” from the menu provided.  Or that lead may be associated to a contact while entering the lead’s demographic information by entering the name of the contact in the field provided as the referring lead source. The assigned user will automatically default to the person logged in, but may be changed or reassigned to any other user with an iSee login.

For simplicity of use for all users, no matter which screen or shortcut is used to create a lead, the input information screen is the same.  The lead entry screen begins with identification of the lead source and ends with the status of the lead, or, the results of the new lead initial conversation.  Fields are ordered according to importance of the information obtained.  Although each field is important to provide the highest market iQ, identifying the source of the lead, their name and contact information and their status are critical.  Lastly, if the lead was generated through a specifically identifiable marketing campaign, that important information should be entered in the field provided.  Also, any information that may help any user identify with the lead as they move through the sales cycle may be entered free form in the Notes & Descriptives field at the bottom of the input screen.

Once all information has been accurately entered, simply select “Save” to complete the lead creation process and enter the new sales lead into the Marketing iQ database.