Managing Referring Professionals

Professionals can be a source of very economical and recurring lead generation. Managing referring professionals can be as important as managing your sales leads.

Professionals are an essential part of any business with an active outside sales, networking, or outreach component to their sales operations.  iSee defines a professional as any person that a business seeks out  for the purpose of obtaining referrals, or, leads.  To enhance the intelligence and metrics provided by iSee, Professionals may also be associated to leads in the demographics tracking.

Each new lead that is associated with a professional referral source is stored in the professional’s account for easy reference and instant tracking. The inter-connection of contact and professional allows you to identify the impact of your sales activity to those referral sources and can provide a very effective means of tracking conversion success. For practices highly dependent upon referrals, knowing who to cater to is critical to continued referral growth and efficiency.