Campaigns are critical to increasing Market iQ.  When “Campaigns” are used effectively, the Market iQ of the business increases dramatically.  Because using iSee means never having to guess again, the visibility and transparency of your marketing efforts’ success is a powerful tool to unlock.  iSee defines a campaign as any activity that any business undertakes to attract new customers and has a cash expenditure associated with that activity.  When you use the campaign functionality well, you will know the efficacy of each marketing and advertising activity you undertake.  You will also be able to compare your different campaigns for effectiveness and pursue only those marketing activities that produce the highest return on your investment.

Creating a campaign is a simple, quick, and effective process. Begin by giving your campaign a name. Being as specific as possible in each campaign is a key to mastering your marketing intelligence. Attaching a defined start and end date also plays a critical role in post-campaign analysis. Lastly, entering your budget gives you a comparison to your actual spending once the campaign is completed.

Once you’ve entered the primary and basic elements of your campaign you canbegin dialing in specific investment and return information. Your budget can be broken down by lead source and the associated costs and results produced by that source. In this way you not only have the overall results of your campaign visible, but you are able to compare the performance of lead sources.

iSee makes knowing your ROI easier than any software solution on the market. iSee calculates your campaign ROI in real time as new sales leads are nurtured through the sales cycle. For example, ROI on day one will begin at -100%. Each new lead changes that number until the final lead is added to that campaign and associated with a new status and service.

When using the Campaign Wizard, you receive a guided creation of your campaign with advanced access to budgeting, website trackers, target lists and campaign summary.  Because most marketing campaign costs vary at least slightly from plan, the final step of campaign creation is to complete and enter the actual costs, revenues, and impressions from the campaign.  Once a campaign is complete, iSee gives you realtime feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign and its ROI.

From the shortcuts menu you can also access the different components of your campaign activity, explore and analyze your performance, and mobilize your marketing IQ through targeted campaigns.