Contact Management

In addition to being a resource for lead management and Market iQ, iSee is a powerful resource for sales team management – both for the salesperson and their manager.  Simple, yet meaningful information about leads in the sales cycle can differentiate your sales conversions by up to 20%.

Todos are a simple and effective way for managers to stay on top of the work product of their sales team.  Additionally, they are a way for sales people to guide their sales leads from inquiry to conversion.  Utilizing the effectiveness of todos heightens awareness to needs and opportunities.  That awareness naturally translates to increased sales conversion and revenue growth.

Notes & Status Updates assist in the sales and lead management process.  Just as with todos, calls may be scheduled in the Todos and combined with notes and status to make evident the opportunities available for contacts in the database.

Emails can be utilized if opted for.  Email can be sent for a contact or referring professional.  Utilizing the email functionality of iSee provides the most cost-efficient source of direct customer access.  Individuals or groups can be selected for marketing and sales communication.  Although utilizing the email feature generates the communication from iSee, the recipient of the email will see your business contact information just as if you had sent it from your desktop email program.