Account Creation

Contacts and Accounts are two very distinctly important components to a sales organization’s efforts.  Contacts and Accounts are often very closely associated.

iSee defines an account as a professional entity or business that contains one or more contacts that the outside sales team actively pursues for new sales leads. If an account is already in the database, it may be selected from the accounts list for use with leads or contacts.  When working in a contact’s or lead’s file a account relationship may be established with that contact or lead by searching from a list or it will populate automatically with the entry of only the first few letters in the name.

In order to create a new account simply select the “Accounts” tab from any active screen.  Once in the “Accounts” tab, simply select the “Create Account” shortcut from the “Shortcuts” menu.  An account should always be an entity.  When the account input screen is selected an account may be created by entering all of organizational data.  An account includes identifiers such as website, ownership details, industry, customer type, office contact information, number of employees, ratings, business segment identifying codes, and revenues.

Once all the account information has been entered, including addresses, emails, and personnel information the account should be assigned to the sales person responsible for the account.  The assigned user will automatically default to the person logged in, but may be changed or reassigned to any other user with an iSee login.  Additionally, to easily create a “Contact” that is a permanent member of an account, it may be created directly from the account detail screen by scrolling down to the “Contacts” section, selecting “Create” and entering the contact as detailed in the “Contacts” tutorial.

When all of the necessary information is entered, simply select “Save” to complete the entry.