iSee creates the ideal solution for capturing, tracking, and growing your sales leads. Recent studies found that as few as 25% of elective surgery practices (LASIK, Refractive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, etc.) track their leads and have strong reporting metrics on their business success. Simply monitoring revenues and expenses is not enough. Knowing all the key metrics that drive those numbers is. Whether you’re just starting your business or trying to grow your business, navigating the challenges of your market requires a new mind set, a new way of reaching your market, and a new way of capturing, converting, and retaining sales leads.

Don’t be like your competitors any longer. Stop Guessing about what your business is doing and Start Knowing how to improve it. Raise your market iQ with the richest lead tracking and market intelligence software on the market. iSee takes the concept of lead marketing and custom fits it to your particular specialty. The result: Elevated market iQ, Elevated Sales Lead Volume, Elevated Lead Capture and Conversion, and Elevated Bottom Line Profits!